Students | Various Schools


'I think my English improved this week because we learned new words, I spoke a lot and in our free time we spoke English too!'

Anna | Eduard Nebelthau Gymnasium, Bremen

Anna B. – 14

'The Project week was really good, I would do it again, the teachers were really nice, it was great!'

Anna B. – 14 | Eduard Nebelthau Gymnasium, Bremen

David – 13

'The best part of the week was writing the script because everyone worked together.'

David – 13 | Eduard Nebelthau Gymnasium, Bremen

Jana – 14

'This week was different the normal school because we played games, watched movies and cooked together… it was a lot of fun'

Jana – 14 | Eduard Nebelthau Gymnasium, Bremen

Dziuba – Kaiser Family

'Our son has  learned to speak English freely and had a great time doing it. Everyday he came home very happy.'

Dziuba – Kaiser Family | IGS Querum, Braunschweig

Tim – 13

'The game ‘Capture the Flag’ was really cool because you had to use teamwork to win.'

Tim – 13 | IGS Querum, Braunschweig